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2013 Science Summer School reception to be held at the Crystal


On the 30th August, Lord Mawson will host an evening reception at the Siemens Crystal in East London with Professor Brian Cox.

This will celebrate the second year of the St Paul's Way Trust School Science Summer School.

Building on Professor Brian Cox's concern re Britain becoming the best place 'to do' science in the world, the Lower Lea Valley in East London presents us with an important opportunity and context to explore the relationship between science, education, and business. There is a need for future developments in the Lower Lea Valley to understand and build upon a rich history of science, engineering, and innovation. It is equally important to connect education, aspiration, and employment for local people into these burgeoning opportunities.

Professor Cox, a Patron of St Paul’s Way Trust School in East London, will lead a conversation around these themes during the two day 2013 Science Summer School (August 29th-30th).

The reception, hosted by Siemens at the Crystal, is an opportunity to continue this discussion with partners. It will celebrate the end of this year’s Science Summer School (which is now in its second year). The aim of the Science Summer School is to engage and inspire a new generation of scientists by showcasing Britain as the best place to learn and experience what science has to offer.

On Friday evening, after the reception, Siemens also begins its Festival nights: bringing opera to the Crystal. A screening of the opera ‘Falstaff’ by the Salzburg Opera will be shown on the lawns in front of the Crystal.

The event is invitation only.

Posted on August 12, 2013 in News

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