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St Paul’s Way CIC Objects

The objects of the Company are to carry out activities which benefit the community of Poplar, in Tower Hamlets, London, and other local communities by creating, stimulating, and promoting:

St Paul’s Way CIC is a social enterprise supported by two business partners, G4S plc and Catlin plc, who are seeking to develop entrepreneurial opportunities in the area. In practice this means making the most of the physical assets by developing partnerships with local entrepreneurs. For example, St Paul’s Way CIC is working with the Tessa Sanderson Foundation to explore setting up a sports and fitness programme in the school outside of school hours, which will help integrate the new buildings with the local communities and make the facilities financially sustainable. As well as taking a business approach to the school’s facilities, St Paul’s Way CIC is looking to inject an enterprise mentality to the student’s education. An approach is being developed that seeks to attract the best of local businesses to engage students in the practical application of their academic subjects, demonstrating a link between learning and earning.

St Paul’s Way CIC sees this method as fundamental to our success: coordinating isolated elements so that they work together and the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

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